About Mingoes

I adore Flamingos and started to draw and paint them in different scenarios just for the sheer fun of it. It was only my dear friends who nagged me silly to start selling my drawings and paintings as cards, and so took the step, started my shop and am so pleased I did!  Apart from  being great fun it’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone wants to buy one of your little creations!

The ‘Poultry in Motion’ and Chicken card ideas came really from our two naughty chickens ‘Ginger’ and ‘Biscuit’ (Biscuit being the really naughty one).  We have five chickens and two retired old ladies have been with us for 10 years.  Our White Sussex chicken Bimbles is the calming influence on the other two pictured below.  They do get up to so many unusual things, hence the idea for the cards.




Please take a look at my online shop we have funny, quirky and unique greeting cards perfect for friends or family.  Everything you see in my shop is hand made and created here in my home studio and if there is something you would like changed, always happy to help.

There is also a fun packed childrens book written by my inspiring friend, Anita McManus called ” Buffalo don’t like Mango Yoghurt … and other silly stuff” which is full of silly little scenarious – worth a visit – with lots of colourful little illustrations.


Debbie Drennan – DeeDee Designs