Privacy Policy


We take your privacy seriously. This document sets out what data we collect, how we store and process it, and what we do with it. At all times, we strive to be fair, open, honest, and careful with your data.

Cookies used on our site

We use cookies to:

  • Monitor and improve the performance of our site
  • Measure the visitor traffic to our site
  • Manage your interaction with this site

Some of these cookies are essential and the site cannot operate without them, so if you decide not to allow cookies then you will not be able to use any part of this site that need cookies; e.g. our shopping basket. Some of the cookies usually expire in a few days, so they can remember things, like the content of your basket, in case you want to return to the shop after a few days. Some of the cookies are temporary cookies which expire when you close your browser. Some of the cookies are called “permanent” which do expire but over a longer time period.
You may delete cookies from your browser at any time, and the manufacturers of your browser software explains the way to do that.

We may, in the future, allow third party advertisers to place cookies from our site, and these are used to control any advertising that we may put on our site from time to time.

To improve your experience of the Service and to accommodate technical developments in commonly-used Internet systems, the types of cookies used might change in the future, with such changes reflected in this policy. Please check this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Information we collect

We make this site available to our customers to purchase products, and that activity requires that we collect appropriate information to complete the purchases. We may use anonymised and/or aggregated data collected by the site and our web server to monitor performance and use of the service, to ensure effective running of the service, and to make improvements or enhancements to the site. This may include your IP Address, your device type (e.g. PC, Tablet) and your browser version, the URL from which you arrived at our site, and information about the operating system that you are using.

When you visit or interact with our site (like buying products or registering), we will collect and store information that you provide to us. This includes your name, address, email, phone number, order history, PayPal ID, whether you have accepted our terms and conditions, and other relevent information related to your use of the Site. You are not obliged to provide any information, and all information you do choose to provide is provided freely by you.

During a sales transaction, it is necessary to pass certain information to PayPal necessary to transact the sale. Such information is descriptive about the nature of the purchase and its cost, as well as your PayPal ID (i.e. your email address) which you would yourselft normally have to provide to PayPal to interact with their payment service. Our payment provider (PayPal) may pass information back to us resulting from your transaction (e.g. a postal address and whether your payment transaction was completed) when you make a payment, as well as a Transaction ID.

From time to time, we may ask you for information to help us improve our service, although you do not have to provide that information.

Storage of data

All data collected is stored within the EU (usually in the UK). This site is hosted externally by a professional hosting provider. We will use industry-standard security methods, such as SSL, to protect your data in transit over the internet between you and us.

Emails are not secure so we will not pass sensitive data (to the extent that we have any) in email, and you must not do the same. In particular, you must not send us any payment information or credentials to us by any insecure method including email.

Some information, such as archived and historical information, and our system backups are stored off-line.


Although we take reasonable steps, such as using industry-standard security methods like SSL encryption, to secure information that is transmitted over the Internet to and from our Service, the Internet is a public network and the security or confidentiality of such data cannot be guaranteed. You send data over the Internet at your risk.

Other websites and services

If you click or follow any link presented on any our site that directs you to an external website, this Privacy Policy ceases to be effective immediately and no other links or websites are governed by this policy. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for your use of other websites whether linked to our site or not. Be aware that other websites may have their own privacy policies, conditions of use and cookie methods, and you should check and confirm these before you interact with those sites.

What we do with the stored data and how we use it

We use the stored data to provide services to you, to tailor the information presented to you and to offer you a satisfactory user experience. We will not disclose your information or data to any third party, unless:

  • You ask us to
  • or such a disclosure is mandated by the courts, law enforcement, or ordered in judicial proceedings or to comply with a legal obligation. This may be necessary to avoid fraud or crime, to protect customers, or for criminal investigation.
  • or such disclosure is necessary for the essential delivery of our service to you, such as postal or courier service, or to our payment provider (PayPal) Where a third party sells items in our shop, where will pass only the necessary information for that third party to supply purchased goods to you.
  • or in the event of the transfer or sale of the change of ownership of our Mingoes business or site company or its business, in order to provide continued service to you. Current customers will be given advanced warning of any such transfer of ownership, and you will have an option to decline that transfer of information.

Marketing Preferences

We respect your inbox and your time, so we will only send marketing communications infrequently. You may opt-out of receiving marketing messages, but you are not able to decline transactional or service messages as these may be important for your continued use of the Service. To opt-out of marketing messages, please inform us by using email, our website contact form, or by using the “unsubscribe” link that we provide in our emails.
Some of our marketing material may contain tracking information that helps us to understand what is of interest to you.

Changes to this Policy

We retain the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time, such notification being posted on the appropriate website of the service.

Your Acceptance of this Policy

By using this site, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions in full. If you don’t agree or do not accept any part of the Privacy Policy or our Terms and Conditions, please do not use our site.

27th August 2016: This page was created