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Buffalo Don’t Like Mango Yoghurt …

…and other silly stuff!

A beautiful hand-illustrated children’s book all about quirky animals doing wonderful things!

This wonderful book is “imagination fuel” for children. Perfect for bedtime sharing, this brilliant and humorous book will help to unlock imaginative story-telling by exploring and learning about some very interesting animals. Like buffalo who like line-dancing, to a mole DJ! Written with parents in mind, this is 46-pages of delightful story sharing for parents and children.

“..,the book is a great way to demonstrate to your kids that there is a positive side to everything in life…”
“…is a really lively collection of unconventional little tales about animals’ likes and dislikes…”

What do these funny animals like to do?

Buy now – fuel your child’s imagination!

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Buffalos don’t like Mango Yoghurt….but they like…..

18 years ago I met Anita through our local school’s auction of promises and painted a mural on her son’s wall, we’ve been firm friends ever since.

Our book’s inspiration came one day when I was running late, meeting Anita for a get together over a coffee and my husband, Simon, sent her a text on my behalf to let he know and then ended it with a random “Buffalo don’t like mango yoghurt” and so this book was born…..

Anita has had some wonderful ideas and linked them together with lots of silliness, which we know children will enjoy and parents too!  We are sure there are lots more ‘scenarios’ as parents you can muster up with your children.

It’s been great fun putting it together.