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Greetings cards are supposed to show you care, but many fall short.

When you care about someone, you want them to know you care. Selecting the right greetings card does that.

I confess! I like looking at the mass produced greetings cards available in card shops, supermarkets and elsewhere. They can be funny, interesting and imaginative. But -, and this point really matters – you can find the same cards in many outlets. It is quite possible that the recipient has already seen the card before, and may even have bought the card themselves for someone else.

You care about the person who will receive your card, and so the main purpose of a greeting card is to show you care. Ask yourself if buying a commonly available, mass produced greeting card really sends the message that you are thoughtful and caring? Or does it say that you picked up the card with your weekly shopping?

So how can you really express your thoughtfulness and care? One way is simply to NOT buy a mass produced card from the supermarket!

For a moment, imagine the reaction of your loved one or friend when they receive a unique, specially-selected card. Such a greeting card says more than ‘Happy Birthday” “- it says “I have taken time and care to select this card because I really do care, and I want you to enjoy something special on your birthday”.

Try sending a special and unique card it and see the reaction. Oh yes, we do make and offer such greeting cards on this site – but we do so because we know people do care and want to show they care.

Go on – try it!